Vijaya Krishna Boddu

Vijaya Krishna Boddu
Vijaya Krishna Boddu

Chief Executive Officer

Vijaya Krishna Boddu is the CEO and pivot of JUSTACONTRACT.COM, he is rich in 18 years of experience in corporates in dealing with Contracts, Claims, and Legal Management. He was instrumental in the recovery of an outstanding amount due in several cases amounting to 2.5 Million USD through his vision and maturity in judgment. For his excellence in his work, he was honored with a “RECOVERY CHAMPION AWARD” in the year 2015.

Education & Work

In a very short period of joining with DCPL, he has taken the lead in developing the business strategies, processes, commercialization plan, working with the clients and built up a Team to enable to reach their vision and objectives.

  • B.A.L, B.L, from Andhra University 1995 – 2000
  • Practised as an Advocate – 2000 – 2004
  • He worked in different companies like IVRCL, GMR and Tyco in different positions.
  • Chief Executive Officer for DCPL from 14 th April 2017
Skills & Experiences
Contract Management 98%
Home Loan Services 95%
Real Estate Services 93%
Online Training 91%
Agreements Drafting 95%

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